SHVPES: a good surprise for my ears…

Hey Guys,

Today, I wanted to share the band called SHVPES. I discovered them through the official YouTube channel of Nightwish. I have to admit those guys are awesome, they bring you a certain energy hoarsely, and with a music, curiously very melodic. They makes me feel good. Hope you will like them, if you do, you can support them on SHVPES or on their official Facebook.

Here is the video clip of my favorite song.

Have a good Tuesday!


Two songs I wanted to share with you…

Hey Guys!

Today, I wanted to share with you two songs that make me feel good, because they make me perfectible. I am totally imperfect and music shows as its way, that it is wonderful to not be perfect. These two songs are sung by Demon Hunter, a good American Metalcore band who will release their eighth studio album called: Outlive. Hope you will like them as much I do.

Have a great day!

– JC